How it works

Step 1


Upload a picture of your business card to begin the virtualization process. You will receive your card in less than 48 hours guaranteed!

Step 2


Download the mobile application from the App Store to be able to edit and share your new business card.

Step 3


Your card is now ready to be used! Do not hesitate to use it there is no share limit, make the most out of it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access my iFiveMe account?

You can access all your cards and settings from the connection link available on the home page of our website

How do I sign up for the iFiveMe service?

To sign up for the iFiveMe service, here's how:
- Press the Order Now button
- Identify yourself by creating your account
- Enter your card information
- Confirm the order

You will get your new virtual business card within a maximum of 48 hours.

How can I reset my password?

- Go to the iFiveMe configurator page
- Then select "I forgot my password"

What is the iFiveMe virtualization process?

At iFiveMe, we believe that every card is unique and should be treated with great attention to detail. It is for this reason that our graphic designers take care to manually extract your business card from the submitted photo, correct any imperfections that may have crept in, accentuate the colors and refine the details. Finally, if necessary, we modify the information therein to present your up-to-date contact information to your prospects.

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