The infinite power of digital business card

The infinite power of digital business card

Discover the infinite possibilities offered by the iFiveMe digital business card, an innovative solution that seamlessly connects all your communication channels to optimize your sales and make the most of your marketing data.

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Tremendous benefits and colossal versatility

Customizable, traceable and indispensable, the electronic business card helps you shine in the business world.

Complete centralization

Gather your contact data, social media, website, email and more all in one place, simplifying the management of your online presence.

Powerful marketing tool

Optimize your campaigns and generate more sales with our Google Analytics integrated tracking, providing essential data to improve your marketing strategies.

Unlimited customization

Edit your virtual business card as often as you like to reflect your professional image perfectly.

Cross-border sharing

Share your contact details in the blink of an eye, no matter where you are in the world. The cards are compatible with all smartphones on the market.

Eco-friendly and cost-effective

Reduce your environmental impact while saving on paper card expenses.

Lasting first impressions

Seize every opportunity by instantly sharing your digital business card from your phone. Going beyond a simple handshake, the iFiveMe card opens the door to lasting business connections wherever you are.

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Long-term business relationships

With its many features, iFiveMe goes far beyond the simple business card to help you build lasting relationships. Your contact details are automatically added to your prospects’ contacts, eliminating lost or forgotten leads and giving you real-time access to data to fuel the growth of your network.

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Manage thousands of cards worldwide with a platform designed for giants like Caisse des dépôts de placement du Québec and Évanoui-Cambridge.


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Find out why the iFiveMe virtual business card is the preferred solution for professionals.

Kevin Desfossés
Kevin Desfossés
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As a wealth management professional, I find that the digital business card has become an essential tool. It fits perfectly into our era of digital networking, where a brief interaction can lead to a lasting business relationship. With a simple click after a virtual meeting, I share my contact details via a message, thus establishing an immediate connection. This modern networking tool is essential for any business figure, providing a sleek and accessible digital footprint, and it's a natural extension of our online presence.

Dave Carter
Dave Carter
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In 2024, the idea of ​​continuing to use paper business cards seems even more outdated to me, both for environmental and practical reasons. Embracing digital contact sharing is not only easy, but also an environmentally conscious move. This method facilitates an instant and efficient bilateral exchange, guaranteeing impeccable follow-up with customers. It is a lever for strengthening business relationships and maintaining valuable contact, something that the paper version cannot match."

Eddie Darac
Eddie Darac
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The impact of the virtual business card in the business world is now indisputable. The immediate effect it produces during introductions is powerful and often prompts requests for information on its use. More than just a tool, it is a catalyst for efficiency that regularly allows me to secure people's phone numbers after sharing my card link. For me, this is a key component of professional communication in 2024."

Tuong-Van Nguyen
Tuong-Van Nguyen
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Over a year ago, I did business with iFiveMe to create our virtual business cards. Being a Quebec engineering company ourselves, we are proud to have encouraged a local company. Creative and innovative, iFiveMe stands out from other similar products on the market. In fact, nothing compares to it, the product is unique and so original! iFiveMe supports its clients from start to finish, from the transition process to the complete deployment of the virtual business card program. All aspects are considered and validated, all questions or uncertainties are addressed and addressed. The application is simple and easy to use, secure hosting, future modifications considered, etc. For complete and effective support, don’t hesitate! It’s a charm working with iFiveMe!


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